About Us

Founded in 1995, the St Albans Museums and Galleries Trust is a registered charity and a key partner of the St Albans Museums Service and the University of Hertfordshire. Its work includes supporting the museums and galleries of St. Albans by utilising members’ interest and experience, raising funds, underwriting events and promoting the benefits of the city’s rich heritage, arts and culture.

The object of the Trust is “the advancement of the education of the public by the development promotion assistance and improvement of museums historic buildings and archaeological sites in and around the District of St Albans.

A Teaparty at Napsbury

A Tea Party at Napsbury’ by Louis Wain

The Trust has previously been a key funding partner for two projects of national significance. The first project involved extending and improving the Verulamium Museum; the award winning museum of Roman life. The second, in 2002, was erecting the building to house the Roman Hypocaust and Mosaic floor in Verulamium Park. This project encouraged and enabled increased access to this world class example of a Roman under-floor heating system and the outstanding mosaic floor covering it.

Smaller projects have included:

  • Viewing platform outside the Hypocaust
  • Signage for works of art around the City
  • Children’s mosaic craft table
  • Costume History talks including Dickens, Royal Brides, Titanic
  • Purchase of display cases
  • Funding WWI live history

The Trust also contributes to the success of local events by arranging, helping and underwriting the cost of them

The Trust is managed by its Trustees, supported by an administrator. It meets regularly.

Its Trustees are:

  • Caroline Eldred (Chair)
  • Tracey Cook
  • Sarah Cowper
  • Chris McIntyre
  • Richard Sved

Allen Mills is our Trust Administrator.

Our audited accounts can be viewed on the Charity Commission website