Cathedral project gets green light from the Heritage Lottery Fund

St Albans CathedralThe Cathedral has received wonderful news from the Heritage Lottery Fund. They have approved their round 2 application for Alban, Britain’s First Saint: Telling the Whole Story with a grant of £4m – and in doing so have given the project the green light to go forward and be realised!

The Fund exists to make more people aware of the riches of our national heritage, and St Albans richly deserves to be far better known as the oldest Christian site in Britain, with a uniquely long and rich history to tell. With this grant, and with the match funding that has so generously been given by trusts and by over a thousand individuals, we shall create a beautiful new welcome centre, a new reception centre for schoolchildren, a new exhibition area, and a new adult study centre and library. We shall also be able to present the Cathedral’s treasures in a much more attractive way, which includes illuminating the medieval wall paintings and rebuilding the ruined medieval shrine of St Amphibalus. Working with the City’s own Museum and Gallery project and visitor strategy, St Albans will become a first-choice destination for tourists and pilgrims alike.