Pope Lady Buns Raise £340

The Pope Lady Buns Tea Party on Saturday 6th September raised a magnificent £340 for renaissance: St Albans. It was held in the gardens of the Museum of St Albans in Hatfield Road. All of the buns (donated by the Pudding Stop) were sold.

We are very grateful to the Museum staff, especially Dr Sue Davies, for organising and hosting this event, and to the Pudding Stop for taking time to create and bake the wonderful Pope Lady Buns.

Pope Lady Buns are a sweet bun in the shape of a person and were a speciality of St Albans. There are various stories about where the tradition came from. The most plausible is that a medieval lady gave a sum of money for cakes to be distributed to the poor. She did this, it is said, after getting lost in the dark and then safely finding her way to St Albans thanks to the lights in the Clock Tower.

Pope Ladies Buns